Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm stressed out right now because the computers here in Raymondville are lame and some of them don't have the right settings for the new MyLDSMail. Yeah, it's really getting me stressed out because we don't have hardly any time and pday and I already get stressed out enough as it is, but this is just throwing a wrench in my plans... ugh...
Anyways...things in Raymondville (have you noticed nealy all my areas have ended with "ville" haha) are doing the same. There's stilll about 5 million random stray dogs and cats all over, I nearly got bit by one, I contacted someone while he was giving another guy a tattoo. All in a day's work in Raymondville.
Ok, first things first. Remember that awesome old, golden couple--Connie and Charlie--that we found our last week in Beeville? Well, I was looking at "The Harvester"--the mission newsletter that we get each transfer at Zone Conference and it shows all the baptisms in the mission...and they got baptized in January! I was SO excited when I read it, I felt like crying. It's really cool to see and imagine them. I guess I wasn't the one who got the harvest, but Sister Call and I were the one who started cultivating the seed. I've heard news like this for other former investigators: Brenda and Maria (Margarita's daughters from McAllen, remember, the 10 year old who would read in the Book of Mormon all the time?), they got baptized! (Margarita, I guess is still waiting on getting divorced, but in the other Sisters visiting, the dad eventually started listening. Turns out, the reason he seemed uninterested before was because he's illiterate and doesn't know how to read.) So yes, the Lord's work continue's on, even though the missionaries leave.
So last Wednesday was Zone Conference. Sister Farr really has been wanting some highlights in her hair since she found out that Sister Bustillos (a professional hair stylist) gave me some in Beeville (which have long since grown out...yikes!). Well, she wanted to buy a box of hair dye and I was not cool of that because that's just not good for your hair. Then she wanted to go to a place to get them done, but when she found out that they would cost $45, she lost interest. Well, last Tuesday after District Meeting, we all went out to eat with a Sr. Couple--The Ott's--who were leaving for their home the next day. Right outside of Cici's Pizza Buffett was a Sally's. We ran in and bought a one time use supply of hair bleach. Then that night, she wanted me to give her blonde hightlights. Now, what is the problem with this situation? Oh yeah, right, I'm not a hair stylist, nor do I know how to give hightlights. I think I did ONCE, for Brittney, Alex's sister, where Alex and I (at the same time) gave her highlights. Haha, I had the left side and she had the right. I'm sure you can imagine how those turned out.... Anyways, I've had my hair done since I was 13 and so I have seen it done so many times before. I mean, in THEORY, I know how to give highlights. But then again, in theory communism theory. But I just trusted myself: I was going to give her a partial and put extra blondness around the crown to brighten up her face. She already is pretty blonde naturally, so it wouldn't take that long to process. We bought 30 developer for the bleach. Alright, so I got our foils ready, got the little bowl of bleach all mixed up and started dividing her hair into three sections. Sides and then front. I started doing it and realized after the first one that this might be a little harder than I thought. I think I took about 10 minutes on the first weave. Yikes, at this rate, by the time I get to the other side, her hair on THIS side is going to be fried. But I hurried and finally got into a groove and got the hang of it. Now during this whole time, one of our investigators, (well, not officially) called us (it's around 9:45 pm) and started asking Sister Farr all sorts of questions. It was funny because he could hear the foil in the background and he asked, "What are you doing?" and she was embarrased to say that she was getting her hair done so said, "Making pasta." Haha, nice cover. Anyways, in the middle of this, I look into the kitchen and see this giant black thing skuttle over from under the stove to the fridge. I start freaking out saying, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh." Sister Farr immediately thinks that I had done something to her hair and says, "What did you do? What happened?" But I didn't have time to talk. I ran over and grabbed our "roach shoe."--an old shoe that the Elders left behind. Anyways, I thought it was a spider, but then again, it didn't move like a spider. I moved the fridge out--fearing that whatever it was was going to climb up my leg--and there I saw it: a GIANT 3 inch cockroach...probably the mother of them all. Well, I'm sure you know what happened next: I wacked that thing with the shoe and then hurried back to finish Sister Farr's hair that was still processing during this whole fiasco. Anyways, that's my story. And how did her hair turn out, you ask? Actually, she's OBSESSED with it and it looks SO good. Turns out knowing the theory DOES work in practice.
Yesterday Sister Farr and I were walking down a street that we had partially contacted. We finished it and started walking back. But I had something tell me that we needed to contact this one house. Usually, we contacts full streets and then move onto another street. If one house is on the street we are working on (perhaps a side door or something), but the front door or mailbox is on another street, we wait until later when we contact that other street. That's what happened with this little white house. It wasn't TECHNICALLY on the street we were one. But I said, "Let's go contact it." So we did and there was a couple with a baby inside. They invited us in and we taught them about the Restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon. It was just the last lesson we needed to complete our weekly goals. I was so excited and glad that I followed the Spirit's prompting to go knock it.
Earlier this week, we knocked on a door about 7:45 pm. I'm not a big fan of contacting people at night becuase to me--personally--it's a bit creepy to have two girls wearing coats standing outside in the dark on your porch (one member said that when he looked through the peephole, we looked like Jawa's from Star Wars). Anyways, we knocked on this woman, Maria, and she invited us in. There was something off about her house (and I'm not talking about the dog stench that she was apologizing about). We started talking a bit and asked if we could give a prayer. She said, "Yeah, I guess that's ok. I don't do it." Well, it became evident through asking her questions that she didn't believe in God. It was sad. We tried teaching her about how God exists and loves her. But when we asked her her feelings about it, she said, "Honestly, I'm frustrated that your trying to force your beliefs on me." We definitely weren't doing that. We left, leaving her a pamplet about the Plan of Salvation and an invitation to pray. Immediately after, we went and taught the Branch President and his wife and the difference in the home was SO different. It was evident what was missing in that other woman's home: the SPIRIT! She had completely distanced herself from God that she wasn't even able to have any sort of Spirit or Light of Christ in her home. It was sad and made me grateful for the knownledge that there IS a God. That he lives and loves each of us. As King Benjamin taught in Mosiah 4:9, "Believe in God; believe that he is, and that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.
I know that God lives. He is our loving Father in Heaven. He has a remarkable and perfect plan for our happiness. The fruit of the Gospel is so good, if only we would reach out to grab it. I love you all.
Adios from Texas,
Sister Burt

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