Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Drawing Blanks for the Title of This One

Hey Hey Hey! It's May! Can you believe it? A year ago I was in my first area with my trainer--now she's home, married, and pregnant. Yikes! Mother's Day is this Sunday, so I'm super excited to call you guys! I actually haven't really thought about it, it's cool and stuff, but not on my mind. My companion, on the other hand, is a different story! Haha. Does 5 pm your time on Sunday work?
So I just read the mini-email that you sent me and I'm 1) sad that Briggs is getting married a few WEEKS before I come home. BUMMER! 2) Sad that April is taking all of the good family names for herself (haha, just kidding. But seriously.)
and 3)...sad that Grandpa died this past week. :( I haven't heard of the news from my mission president yet, but now I know so it's alright. I'm sad, but not really actually because I know the Plan of Salvation. I'm not crying or feeling a heartbroken feeling about it--I know that is because through the Savior's atonement, all of our losses can be made up and he has taken upon him the sadness, sickness, and sins of the world. My testimony has grown so strong about it since I've been here on the mission. To quote president Monson this past conference after he quoted Job, "The empty tomb that first Easter morning was the answer to Job’s question, “If a man die, shall he live again?” To all within the sound of my voice, I declare, If a man die, he shall live again. We know, for we have the light of revealed truth." I know Grandpa is in the Spirit Paradise, resting from all care and sorrow. He is with his family and parents who have passed on and--even happier--he is with his precious daughter, Nora. :) I'm grateful for the Savior and that he broke the bands of death; that through him and if we are faithful to the commandments and ordinances of the Gospel, we will all be able to see Grandpa again.
Random question: So there are a TON of mosquitoes here. Is it true that vitamin b12 detracts mosquitoes and makes it so they don't' bite you? I hope so because if that's true, I'm totally doing it!
Well, another typical week in Raymondville. Both Sister Farr and I got proposed to (the man seemed desperate and didn't care which one of us it was. Haha), but at the same time, he was dead serious. Everyone who finds out I'm from Arizona is trying to talk to me about the law in AZ they're trying to pass about...checking id's or something or other. I have no idea what's going on, so yeah. Transfers are this week and I'm not expecting to get transferred. I have 2 transfers left (yikes!) and I hope to stay here will the end. I really do love the people here. And I mean, I just don't like getting to know new people/wards/areas all over again for my last 3 months, it just makes sense that I'll die/kick the bucket/be done in--whatever you want to call it--here in this area.
Well, Lucy was confirmed this week. We had the movie night which we promoted in the paper. No one except ward members come, which is sort of expected. But this week we had a family of investigators come. We watched the "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" movie (favorite movie EVER!) and they LOVED it.
So this family. The name of the mom is Belinda, who has 2 girls named Martha and Jessica. The dad isn't an investigator yet (even though he came to the movie night and loved the film), and I'm not quite sure what his name is yet. Haha, we always forget to ask. Belinda is super cool and actually approached us (sort of). So remember those trailers that we have been at for over the past 2 months, teaching EVERYONE who has lived or lives there? Yep, well they moved in a while back and didn't have time, but one day we went there with a member to pick someone up for church (who didn't wake up, of course), and she drove by in her car and said, "Hey once we get all moved in, I want you to teach my family." She always was the one I mentioned from last week where we got them couches and she drinks Vodka for breakfast. So it's been fun working with them. She really wants to change, and stopped doing drugs, but is still struggling with the alcohol. She lives in a horrible area and is getting no support from anyone around her, so it's hard. She drank on Saturday (her sister came into town and convinced her) and felt really guilty and bad, and of course, she didn't come to church--even though she was SO excited (and her girls too) a few days earlier. We're going to keep working with them though, they have baptismal dates but it's going to take a lot of work. So keep praying for them!
Well, I hope that I'm still here in Raymondville! Transfer calls will come later today, but I'm no worried. But whatever happens, I know that the Lord is in it. Well, I don't' really have that much more to say....I'm grateful for my Savior and the Plan of Salvation. This life is just a probationary state, a time to repent and prepare to meet God. We are just away from our real heavenly home, which is so much more marvelous than we can imagine. We just need to continue to be faithful and worthy of it.
Sister Burt
P.S. Maybe Chelsea will notice, or some RM, but has anyone noticed the multiple references/quotes I've made from the "Joseph Smith" movie? Haha, I don't think anyone has unless you've watched it and memorized it as many times as I have. But, yes, it's great. Tell Dad that my first Sunday back, that we're going to watch it together! :)
P.P.S I just found out from my companion that we have to change the time we talk to our parents. Does 6 PM AZ time, Sunday night work for you (8 pm my time)?

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