Monday, June 28, 2010


Sister Farr doesn't play golf. So she rented a cart and wrote letters the whole time.

Elder Arens...forgot his tennis shoes

Elder Reilly


Love this sign

Golfing. No tee, so what do you use? An an hill. That's the Texas way.

Service in a skirt

Me and Sister Farr in the farmland

South Texas: miles and miles of farmland.

Easter tradition here: crack eggs full of confetti on your head. Great fun.

Riding Bikes

The old Raymondville district from when I first got here. Elder Given (the first one) reminds me a LOT of Marshall. It's great.

Lucy's baptism

We found a turtle while digging holes for service on day.

Gotta Love Tex Mex :)

The Boot Co.

Me walking

The Harlingen Zone Picture

Sister Satterwhite is pretty much the coolest member ever. Seriously, just look at her. :)

Linda's Lounge pretty much sums up Raymondville.

Our dog...Tink. Because she s"tink"s and "tink"les all over the place.

The Sr. couple--The Swayne's--fixing our fire alarm at apt. checks.

Martha and Jessica who were preparing to be baptized. That's been put on hold for a while...

Posing for the camera at our local lunch spot--Boot Co!

Laura Barrera at her $100,000 (not really) quicenera

The Tie Bale We Bought for father's day gifts.

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