Monday, June 28, 2010

Sending Pics Took Up All My Time


Ok, so I am sending a TON of pictures, so my email may be shorter as a result. Gotta love trade-offs. First thing, I took that melatonin like once. I didn't need it after that, which is good because I really don't like the idea of "sleep aids" but I was desperate.

Ok, so my 1st ever little mini, missionary crush on Elder Reilly ended after about 3 days--as do nearly all of my crushes. Yep, I got over it, which is good. He's still super awesome and we all have a game plan to help the branch get on it's feet. Also, he's also volunteered himself to become my trainer. My favorite was when a man yesterday told me, "Do you eat a lot?" "No." "Oh, it's ok because you're big girl. A beautiful one at that." Seriously?!!? I'm not even fat, just... Yeah, so apparently I need to get skinny or fit. So Elder Reilly developed this diet/meal plan for me which I'm starting today, and then he even decided to come over every morning with his companion and be our trainer to help us work out outside. Haha, so yeah, I'm not complaining about a free trainer.

Anyways, Zone Conference was this past week and it was sad because it was the last one with Pres. and Sister Miller. It was also the one where I gave my departing missionary testimony. It was interesting because it doesn't feel like the end. If just feels like another transfer. So weird, I thought the last transfer would just be a big whirlwind, but's not. Just another day.

Well, I'm not going to waste time, so I'll just start talking about Theresa because that's really all the time I have. So Theresa is SO cool. We came over for our appointment and she read all the way from 2 Nephi 28 to Alma! She just fell in love with it and couldn't stop reading. She's accepting everything we teach her, except that she believes that her baptism was a baptism of faither and, therefore, valid in the eyes of God. As a result, she believes that she has the Holy Ghost. So, it's just a matter of prayer for her. We started a lesson with her and that's actually what she brought up, after a few lessons of us not talking about it. We actually had planned a lesson SOLELY on the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was amazing how since we were in tune with the Spirit, we were able to teach her what her need and doubt was. She's really doing quite well, but we can't really set a baptismal date with her yet. We helped her paint her house that she's building so that was nice. She loves us and everything that we teach her. She's receiving so many witnesses about what we're sharing to be true. So, she's progressing, but her daughter is going to Tennessee to spend July and August with her dad. So I hope that BJ being gone, won't but a wrench in things. But we'll see.

Love Sister Burt

Enjoy the Pics~

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